Walk on Water: Hydro-Floors Hide Secret Swimming Pools

Hidden water pools cost varies with design, size, type and construction costs.

Greenhouse Spa

Greenhouse Spa

The Ron Ron House. Amazing views from this Costa Rican house. "Costa Rican beauty, perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, its beaches, and volcanoes in the distance, derives its name from the Ron-Ron tree that sits in the center of the property."

(ONLY in my Dreams, Dream Home) infinity pool with swim up bar. tree on the balcony.

Safe room in the floor-we will need one of these too!

My dream house would also have a panic room. Hmm, not a good name for a room in the house though. Should be called the zombie apocalypse room.


The 24 Most Incredible Living Rooms Around the World

home theater with indoor pool. An indoor hot tub with movie screen would be awesome!

pool - Christina Khandan -  Irvine California Realtor - www.IrvineHomeBlog.com

Dear Santa- Ive been a really good girl this year, for several years actually- whatcha think? Pleeeeeeeeze - Luxury Home Decor

I would crawl in and never come out again

I would crawl in and never come out again

El piscina es en la piso. El piso sienta en el piso y la agua levanta.

28 Dreamy Pools From Around The World

hidden indoor swimming pool-My parents always told my sister & i that there was a hidden pool in out living room. Maybe they were right! A girl can dream!

Hidden Pool

This backyard has a hidden secret

Israel-based engineer Gil Klar wanted a pool in his backyard, but his wife wanted to keep the yard as a play area. As a compromise, in 2013 Klar built himself a "hidden pool," complete with a retra.