Nope, he is ALL mine. and i don't share niall like niall doesn't share food. in other words, Back up he is mine.

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Niall, I will give you as much food as you want! And we'll eat it together.  It will be fun❤️

Hello everybody. It's Niall from One Direction. I want to ask an important question: DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD FOR ME?

You have to love Harry Styles and One Direction. Straight thug

Because Harry is Harry. Because smiling is the best thing Harry can do on a picture. he don't need to look thug.

The “I Can’t Take Anything Seriously In This Sweater” Stare.<< THIS!

12 One Direction Expression GIFs To Make You Laugh, Cry, And Smile

“I Can’t Take Anything Seriously In This Sweater” Stare.

Poor nialler

Harry clapping as he laughs.I miss baby one direction.