File formats

Knowing what file format to use can make a huge difference. In certain cases you want to use a certain file format to save the work you've done. Different file types are used for different programs and different types of work.


Configuração de materiais para 3D

What is Design Thinking? Infographic

What is Design Thinking? - Design Thinking is a process that is getting more and more attention in both the business world and the real world. Design Thinking spurs innovation and solves complex.


Mobile app design the thumb is the ruling champion as the most widely used finger. This infographic explains why you need to design thumb-friendly.

How #Color affects us, and why should we care when we design

Color Theory: What People Really Think [Infographic]

Psychology infographic and charts Psychology : Psychology : Business infographic : Psychology : Visualistan: Color… Infographic Description Psychology : Psychology : Business infographic : Psychology : Visualistan: Color Theory: What -

User Experience Design Diagram - #entrepreneur #startups

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Utiles y necesarios.

Quince bancos de imágenes libres en una infografía

Utiles y necesarios.


Funny pictures about Color emotion guide. Oh, and cool pics about Color emotion guide. Also, Color emotion guide.

Wonderful • Creative Process Chart on Behance

The process chart contains the documentation process and insights of the project, titled 'Wonderful'. Its design was to illustrate a step-by-step process from the project's initial idea to its final completion over the course of a year.

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