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honeysuckle - The Honeysuckle encourages us to reach for those desires sought while remaining true to the values and beliefs held. The Honeysuckle will help you to tread safely. The sweet scent of the Honeysuckle signals joy in the search for the self.

this is perfect! honeysuckle reminds me of where my life started. and the compass is where my life has gone and where it continues to go

HONEYSUCKLE! When I was a little girl I'd actually suck out the honeysuckle juice. I can smell the honeysuckle....love it.

Favorite Flowers: honeysuckle /// so sweet & fragrant - I love the smell :))

Honeysuckle tattoo - month of june tattoo

This Honeysuckle stamp, for all those green fingered people , who are passionate about honey suckle. Stamp size (approx) 10 cm high x 5 cm wide

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Honey suckles

Decided to have a go at drawing some Honeysuckle after photographing some in the garden this morning. I really enjoyed drawing this, one of my aims this summer is to brush up on my drawing skills a.