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This is Colin's portrait study of Mark Knopfler. It would be more interesting to see some sort of mark making going on in the background, or even if Colin just zoomed in on Mark's face a bit more. I like how this portrait contains more patches of mark making than some of Davidson's other portraits. It has an extreme range of value from dark, thick patches of line to little, thin patches of line.

Colin Davidson - Study of Mark Knopfler 3 2012 crayon on paper 62 x 57 cm. I love the build up of the lines which creates the values and features.

"A Basket Of Ribbons," by Norway's Christen Brun, from 1896. The girl's pretty face and the painting's visual polish make it easy to overlook the fact that it's a picture of a (probably homeless) waif, selling ribbons out of the poverty that has tattered her clothing.

Hand painted reproduction of the painting A Basket Of Ribbons by Christen Brun. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of A Basket Of Ribbons.

WOW! by subdoom

The text here is large and in a font that makes it easy to read, as well as having complimentary colours to add visual appeal. I do wonder how this font will be able to fit a postcard size with the amount of information that needs to be displayed.