Artist Alexey Kondakov is incredibly creative. For his series, The Daily Life of Gods, he took figures from classic art and put them into scenes from our modern day world. His artwork is amazing, check it out below:

Artist takes people from classic paintings and inserts them into modern city life

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov photoshops characters from mythology and antiquity into ordinary scenes of modern Kiev

Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov, who inserts the characters from the masterpieces of classical painting in the streets of Kiev, from Caravaggio to Nicolas Regnier through Francesco Furini

The characters of classical painting invite themselves in our modern world

Artist Alexey Kondakov Imagines Figures from Historical Paintings as Part of Contemporary Life (Colossal)


The Daily Life of Gods by Alexey Kondakov Ukranian art director Alexey Kondakov blends classical art with contemporary photography by inserting romantic, classic figures, such as nymphs, gods and goddesses into urban and contemporary settings.


Personagens de pinturas renascentistas na ruas da cidade

Ukrainian art director Alexey Kondakov,  The Daily Life Of Gods series

I can't find anything in here: alexey kondakov takes characters from renaissance paintings and photoshops the into the present 5 Guy Takes Characters from Renaissance Paintings and Photoshops Them Into the Present

Alexey Kondakov pinturas clasicas digitales 5

Alexey Kondakov Napoli Project contemporary photography classical painting - Classical Paintings Seamlessly Interact With Modern-Day Italy

Yoda Borguereau by Mandrak. place entry in Star Wars Ren - Contests My FAV Pre-Raphaelite artist combined with Star Wars.

Shusaku Takaoka arte digital

Japanese Artist Brilliantly Incorporates Iconic Paintings into Hip Urban Settings

ukranian artist alexey kondakov juxtaposes figures from the history of art with contemporary landscapes and scenes.

alexey kondakov integrates classical art with contemporary city scenes images courtesy of alexey kondakov

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Funny Collages featuring Famous Characters from Classical Paintings by Barry Kite

Den Instagram-Account des Tages beschert uns der japanische Grafik-Designer Shusaku Takaoka - Art History meets Pop Culture:

Art History Icons Turned into Modern People in Urban Surroundings by Japanese Designer Shusaku Takaoka

Ceramic sculpture by CHRISTOPHER DAVID WHITE. Figurative ceramic sculpture, sculpture in clay

Ceramics, Not Wood, From Christopher David White

Ceramic sculpture by CHRISTOPHER DAVID WHITE. Figurative ceramic sculpture, sculpture in clay amazing artwork that looks like a hand carved from wood but is ceramic like a piece of the green man lost on a forest floor