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PPG and RRB Babies by ~polarbear1234 on deviantART

but babies sounded better XDD Anyways. OMG THEY& SO FREAKIN CUTE! *explodes* And that& not the first time I& fangirled today XDDD This is a commission .

CH2 Page 13 by teacupballerina on DeviantArt

Page 13 by teacupballerina on DeviantArt

Ladrillos amor Problemas de jailbaitCAT

xD And omg, I& started to hate coloring Blossom& hair, buuut started to love drawing jealous Brick more and more !

PPG and RRB by Yang-Mei on deviantART

Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup Brick,Boomer and Butch By Power Puff Girls/Rowdy Ruff Boys PPG and RRB

Lol I love these two XD I'm really proud of this, well mostly the anatomy, like Buttercup's shoes, omg.... I love them so much lol! XD I colored them both in pens (except the skin and the eye lids)...

Ahhhh this was fun to draw Sooo Bc is eating, whatever the dish it's called but it's basically snails XD so Butch freaks out and thinks it's cannibalism. You Cannibal!

dexterxblossom...brick... by mamepika on DeviantArt

well if dexter was in the show Xb IF i hope brick would be really pissed off at him (lol) plus i am a huge blossom x brick fan not a dexter x blossom fan well as you can see i can't spell dexter(lo.