Photograph of a wooden mortar and pestle.

using a mortar and pestle to ''process'' wild foods that you harvest. this has NOTHING to do with how the ''industry'' processes food, FAR from it!

This block of old wood is absolutely gorgeous with its worn surface and patina. A lovely addition to the cooking kitchen to grind or crush spices.

Antique WOODEN MORTAR & PESTLE Patina Primitive Collectible Chic Cottage Home Style

Antique wood Mortar and pestle

Antique wood Mortar and pestle

# 12.  mortars and pestles!  I want a hand turned wooden one like my Dad made for his mom so many years ago.

Mortar & Pestal - Altar Ritual - Pagan - Witch - Wiccan - pinned for the picture by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy