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justiceleague: “New Justice League promotional art ”

He's too beautiful

Birdflash with some DaddyBats at the end :P Look behind you Robin .

Robins meet Superman<<Damien ain't impressed by shit.

Robins meet Superman<<Damien ain't impressed by shit.<<superman: Yup, biological son right here, no doubt about it.

Comic books and comic book fun facts would be a great addition to my library!

Superhero facts

Why do the watermarks on these say "all things marvel" half this Shit is DC bruh get your shit together would you

On her own, Regina is scary. Post-Doom-Child revival...she's a nightmare come to life.

Teen titans-Ravens a bad ass.

Batman being funny

Batman being funny

"How To Stop Batman" - Funny Comic Strip — GeekTyrant

Justice League, Universe, Cosmos, The Universe

Does this mean that Manhunter is really just naked all the time?

Superhero Facts: Part 2 - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


Even though they made one of my least favorite characters on Arrow my favorite Disney prince.<<I hate Ray

finish yer drink

Flash, you have the biggest heart and truly care about people.

Trials and Tribulations - Part 1 DOn't disappoint Sara or she WILL go all League of Assassins on you.

SAVE YOUNG JUSTICE Season 3 [link] Part 1 [link] Based off this Babysitter Roy fic: [link] The Young Justice team gets turned into babies except for Roy. Trials and Tribulations (babysitter Roy) 02

Dù có muốn công nhận hay không, thì sự kết nối đầu tiên của các Robin chính là Batman

Sons of Batman by Color-Reaper (Kevin Shah)

Batman kid

Batbaby und der Toaster… :) (via Aggressive Comix)

Lantern Oaths

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Correction there is an English version to the indigo tribe oath

Wonder woman

Wonder woman