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I'm looking forward to a nice Brooklyn weekend. The last two weekends we were out of town for weddings. So it will be nice to go to the Brooklyn Flea, have friends over for brunch and.

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【 The Master Robert x 27 cm ,Watercolor demo by Chien Chung Wei, Inspired by Charles Reid's style.

Andre Kohn   "...Kohn demeure un leader éminent du figuratif impressionnisme qui cherche à  saisir la complexité ainsi ...

Andre Kohn - Born in Stalingrad in the heart of the former Soviet Union.--> I had my first Argentine Tango lesson today. It was very challenging, but in all of the right ways because I want to do this dance so badly.

Le FLAMENCO vu par : Anna RAZUMOVSKAYA 02 / Flamenco solea

Flamenco Solea (Figurative) by Anna Razumovskaya - Paintings & fine art pictures available on discounted prices

Pas à pas promenade Anglet (accessible) - Aquarelle Marichalar Watercolor

Pas à pas promenade Anglet (accessible) - Aquarelle Marichalar Watercolor

Jeffrey T. Larson - Fine Artist -    - Jeff Larson

River Walk (Jeffery T. Larson) Jeffery T. Larson River Walk, o/c Submitted by Hipporacle