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Jaguar in the Trees

Superior Luxury — sdzoo: Jaguar in the Trees by Stephen Moehle

Now to where it is warmer... jaguar.

The Jaguar and Panther is South America's equivalent of North America's Puma or Cougar.

Jaguar (Panthera Onca)聽鈥?Lydia Molyneux • roar

Leopard or Jaguar? I think Jaguar, but I'm not positive.

Jaguar Stalking, Panthera Onca, Belize Photographic Print by Frans Lanting at Art.com

Jaguar Stalking, Panthera Onca, Belize

Leopard Slumber Photo by Sudhir Shivaram — National Geographic

Leopard sleeping in tree 'The Sleeping Beauty', photo by Sudhir Shivaram, wildlife photos

Clouded Leopard.

"Clouded Leopard" Photographer: Sabrina Davis I love clouded leopards they're my favourite big cat

Catarina, a jaguar, drinks water at the NEX sanctuary for endangered Brazilian felines in Corumba, Brazil on August 30. NEX which stands for, no extinction, is a non-governmental organization that defends and preserves the wild cats at their conservation refuge. The refuge currently houses some 26 big cats, including pumas, ocelots and jaguarundi.

Animal Tracks: August 29 - Sept. 4

From an teeny-weeny tiger cub to a pug race, a rabbit jumping competition to a dolphin birthday, get your cuteness fix with irresistible photos of creatures great and small.