Kufa Great Mosque, one of the earliest in the world, Najaf, Iraq مسجد الكوفة أحد أقدم المساجد في العالم

منارة مسجد الكوفه I love the old traditional arabesque blue one, the classic look. the new ones were installed in the last decade or so, they look good, but I prefer the older ones personally.

Ma-Adan, Irak

Between Tigris and Euphrates rivers Marsh Arabs: Cradle of Civilization

امام علي النجف

Karbala, the shrine of Imam Hussain مقام الامام الحسي - It stands on the site of the Mausoleum of Husayn ibn Ali, the second grandson of Muhammad, near the place where he was martyred during the Battle of Karbala in 680 C.