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You should draw me

Things to NEVER say to an artist. This is so accurate. Should include: "Can you draw this [character] for me?" "Do you draw anime?" "Ooh, is that." and "Did you draw that from sketch or from references?" I'm an artist this really bothers me


Lucy Van Pelt, Peanuts Quotes, Snoopy, Woodstock, Wood Store, Peanuts

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58d341316b5f1b3d14dd799bf9b13b1d.jpg (564×564)

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Peanuts Quotes, Peanuts Gang, Snoopy, Mondo, 3, Vignettes, Peanuts

Elyx by YAK ✏️❤️ ‏@ElyxYak 9 janv.  Good Morning !   #Elyxyak #imagination #smile #goodmorning #freedom http://ift.tt/1AP4pss

Elyx by YAK ✏️❤️ on

Elyx by YAK ✏️❤️ ‏@ElyxYak 9 janv. Good Morning ! #Elyxyak #imagination #smile #goodmorning #freedom http://ift.tt/1AP4pss

Indecisa tra scrivere una nuova puntata di “Buone nuove dagli editori” e un post sulla scrittura di un romanzo, ma anche di un racconto – molto diverso scrivere un racconto ‘da blog’ e uno da ‘racc…

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