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Doctor Who 11 come Paperino?

Ramblings of a Cellist Nerd: Doctor Who Meme - Day 08 - A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Happy

Love this idea - Go to Disneyland in #DoctorWho cosplay!

Oh, this would be the greatest trip to Disney ever! Dress up as The Doctor and Rose and run everywhere! Totally on my Bucket List. Now I just need a Whovian boyfriend and I'm set.

Unless you're my daughter and you believe the portapotty is the TARDIS.

According to my son, a port-a-potty is called a Turdis. It is owned by Dr.

Oh that blue box!

Like the entire rest of the universe, for example. Oh well, Doctor at least Earth is (usually) on your side.

If you stare at if long enough, you might actually feel reality bend and change around you.

Missing a whole layer where it says Georgia had David Tennant's (the tenth doctor) little girl making her the daughter of the daughters of the doctors and The Doctor.

And teachers will probably say: "Doctor Who?"

"This also applies to bosses and other tv shows. Tv should be SPN, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. All the time." Hey, PBS plays Doctor Who sometimes.

Don’t be alone, Doctor---Go and be with River in the Library

The Doctor & Rose. Moffat can go jump off a cliff. The story of Rose is done? Well he can shove that right where the sun doesn't shine. He'll never write something as wonderful as Rose & her Doctor

Pictures of any Doctor x Rose, or just Rose. I will literally defend Rose against her haters. so expect some debates, they will be (hopefully) under the tags "Defending Rose Tyler"