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"Understand me. I'm not like ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul" - Charles Bukowski

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Don't be beautiful by Nikita Gill // I just LOVE it so much. This is what all the young girls and hustling women should remember

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This word is very familiar to me. People calls me crazy including you. I want to remain crazy for you until my dying day and this intensity/frequency of LOVE will keeps on increasing.

Wow!  There are some that said it could never be like it was with him.  That's true, it's better.  We needed a wake up.  Where we were headed was not good.  With time and forgiveness we have built something one only dreams of.

In 2014 they tried to destroy me. In 2015 I recovered. In 2016 I tried to rebuild and they protested like squawking birds incredulous that I had survived against their onslaught. One person versus an army.

people are like rivers, ever changing, that will disappear with everything you put in them

This poem says to not give your everything to certain people. Many of them are always changing and once they do, it can hurt you. It tries to explain to not get too comfortable with some people since the ending result can leave you with a painful memory.

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Do NOT try to invalidate what i have endured. You may not understand it, you may have felt or endured more from your vantage point, but you don't get to take what is mine