Kayaköy, Turkey

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Lake House, Istanbul, Turkey outstanding modern luxury home!


30 Fascinating Abandoned Buildings

Castle in Versailles, France Italian villa architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings places architecture decay ruins abandoned buildings .

I don't like truth, ...EASTERN design office - hid

Villers Abbey is an ancient Cistercian abbey located in the town of Villers-la-Ville in the Walloon Brabant province of Wallonia,Belgium.

Abandoned maison Heinen in Luxembourg

Stairs by Lupardus-lu is an amazing urban find. There is a magnificent state of grandeur in a dilapidated sense that makes this particular place so intriguing, alongside the awesome spiral of the staircase itself.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

The Vladislav Hall, Prague Castle, Czech Republic Damn! I was at Prague Castle and never saw this! Prague is amazing!

Abandoned buildings photography by Vincent Jansen 2

Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned buildings photography by Vincent Jansen abandoned places beautiful vacant buildings photography >>>>>> looks like a palace

The French farm house that inspired the design of the house down the street where I lived for a few years!

In the midst of the forests of Normandy, France, the Chateau de Morsan. The chateau was built as a summerhouse, and at one point it served as a hunting lodge. The exterior facade of the house reflected a French Rococo architectural style.


I think I should have been an architect because I love structural urban photography but also ladscapes. two stairways. 1 by Tommy-Noker Collection of Urban Decay Photography

oldies but goldies

spiral staircase on a porch nurses's quarters North Brother Island New York Christopher Payne Photography