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St. Paul's Artist Studios, No 143 Talgarth Road, London (flickr,squirrelshead)

Old artist studios in London. These houses were built specifically for artists. The large windows are where the studio space is located. There are four of these houses in a row.

Abandoned Alcove  If you put window seats at the same height as that table on the end, and a mattress on the floor, this would be a really cool place to read. Then just adding a shell over the mattress would make this a really cool space to hang out!!

A small abandoned chapel in France. Love this photo, especially the light shining through the window! - I completely stole these photos from someone else's board but they are so beautiful

could bee amazingggg

How Working Out Can Positively Affect Body Image

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A girl can dream. One day I would like a dining hall style place for all the family to sit together at Holidays

Elusive spaces and light

crying out for some plants . School for Girls The warm autumn sunlight falls through the windows and creates the perfect condition for these ferns to flourish.

Chandelier in Havana. The glory of yesteryear with the harsh reality of the present.yet beauty can be found in both.


destroyed-and-abandoned: “ Twin Spiral Staircases in a blue decaying room. Photo by xiaopeng小鹏 yuan袁.

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Under Lock And Key Print by Off The Beaten Path Photography - Andrew Alexander

by Nicontento

I love this doorway of an abandoned castle, you can literally see Mother Nature creeping in to take back the space