My childhood ruined :(

My childhood ruined... >>> mine too, but at least Scar is way much hotter than Hitler

20 things you didnt know about the Lion King! Reportedly, the "Be Prepared" scene was inspired by footage of Nazis marching by Adolf Hitler on a podium.

This is too much power for one mortal to possess.

I Think We Found Our New Disney Princess… <-- We need a modern Disney princess who is a little girl. And a Disney PRINCE for once.

Hilarious Tweets Collection About Grandma vs. Fun

Hilarious Tweets Collection About Grandma vs. Fun

Memes in real life

Memes in real life

Memes in real life>>>> Carter is really cute

The truth behind Willy Wonka

While Willy Wonka, the owner of the Chocolate Factory from Roald Dahl's classic novel Charlie.

I remember seeing the first episode she was in. Now it's on Netflix so the kids who don't remember waiting for the premieres know who she is too.

from disney channel suite life of zack and cody.

Reason eleventy billion one that I feel old: Raven is considered "old Disney channel". That is "new Disney channel", and the BS that's on it now is "currently super shitty Disney channel".

The old Disney Channel is so full of wisdom and important life lessons. In my opinion,the old Disney Channel is SO much better!

My heart just broke. Not Disney, but...

My childhood destroyed.

Did you know: The Krusty Krab is really a Lobster trap?.... (When I was young I thought it was a treasure chest)

I actually caught a few of these references as a kid; made me feel like a grownup for understanding it ~ 18 pictures that will ruin your childhood.

Right in the childhood  Though I've wondered that as I got older :/

Actually in the lion king 2 (can't remember his name) said that kovu wasn't even scars son so why did he get to be king.

Trump With Kids Vs ObamaWith Kids

Donald Trump With Kids Vs. Barack Obama With Kids Are you kidding? Trump wished he was half the man Obama is, so there is no comparison!

HP, HG, and Mean Girls. :)

Not a random a comic book thing.but I'm sorry this is hilarious. Hunger Games/Harry Potter/ Mean Girl all together hahahaha

"...Barrie is showing us both a naivety and bravery we possess as children but lose as adults and is bascially telling us that we shouldn't let that go." I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH JUST NOW.

Funny pictures about The awkward truth about Peter Pan. Oh, and cool pics about The awkward truth about Peter Pan. Also, The awkward truth about Peter Pan.

always happens

Only 2 friends

Childhood. Ruined.People,stop doing this to me!I want to watch these things without you twisting them around!

25 Childhood-Ruining Moments You Forgot About