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one direction | fix you [5000 SUBS!]. wow....I just.....this was beautifully done; I think all directioners should check this out, it made me cry :')

If this does not become your new fav fan video, you are insane. Fetch some tissues and watch it until the end. I'm going to go into the corner of the room and cry now. I LITTERLY CRIED FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES!

Haha, theres only Niall and Harry left. @Niall Dunican Horan @Harpreet Singh Styles you know... There are some pretty good directioners over here on pinterest... Haha

too bad i don't.the fan probably has a better chance than me.no joke!

One Direction | 9.22.15 | @emrosefeld |

One Direction they were beautiful times.😘awwwww Harry face ,love it❤❤❤

Oh my God.this is amazing, thank you to whoever wrote this ❤ :,)

We have ur back no matter what we love u soooo much that the word love is not…

already knew that.. and i think that mahh fellow sugarscapers would agree with their decision...

Inspiring picture harry styles, hawt, i love one direction, liam payne, louis tomlinson. Find the picture to your taste!

Kiss You- i think after yesterday and today, I know every single part to this video backwards and forwards :P

Rock me   \m/

"One Direction - Rock Me" probably one of my favorite songs from One Direction oh wait! All of their songs are my favorite!

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Behind the Scenes)

Everyone u have to watch this. O dare u not to smile while u watch this. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Behind the Scenes).how i miss these days


Some random: Well.Liam's always hot no matter what temperature, Zayn always is wearing a jacket, and Harry is an ice cold person. He's always cold. SO i'd say around 60 degrees.

Just so you know, guys. Just so you know.

just putting that out there ;) btw this was my fave episode out of ALL shows and we all know why!