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Jacob Sartorius Imagines - Meeting Jacob :) #1 #wattpad #fanfiction

Jacob Sartorius Imagines - Meeting Jacob :) #1

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But the actual cover for illuminate he's looking at the camera. The one in the photo is for the deluxe version

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I'm so doing this on the last day off school last day of school 😉😉😉 you wrote school wrong and I was freakn ing out cause mr. B was like do you see something wrong and I thought I was gonna get in trouble

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I have actually hit my hand on my fan before doing something like nash did. Except i cant touch my nose with my tongue. But i hit a really high note while singing and i was in my room and that happend.

So true ❤️

Ughh, false, I can't stand them. He's not even really singing it's nothing but auto tunning.

Jacob baby

[ jacob sartorius ] "hi. im jacob. you maybe know me from magcon. i like to hang out with friends and joke around. im kinda a flirt but i dont lead girls on.