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El FAyum - Egyptian portrait of a young boy, early century, Antikensammlung Berlin.

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Mummy Portrait of a Man, late century. Dating to the Roman Imperial period, this Egyptian man gazes confidently out at the viewer. Courtesy of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

Фаюмские портреты - Артефакты, диковинки, интересности...

Fayum Mummy portrait is the modern term given to a type of naturalistic painted portraits on wooden boards. The portraits were an innovation dating back to the Coptic period during the time of the Roman occupation of Egypt.

100CE - 300CE Fayum / Romano-Egyptian / Roman / EncausticMore Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Mummy portrait of woman, Hawara , Roman Egyption (Cairo, Egyptian Museum)

Il ritratto del Fayyum, II secolo, British Museum

Egyptian Poster featuring the painting Egyptian-roman Lady Mummy Portrait by Ben Morales-Correa

Fayum Mummy Portraits

Fondation J.-E Berger-World Art Treasures, Portrait de femme Epoque romaine…