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Yass saxy

Friend: who is ur celebrity crush? Me: Brendon Urie. Friend: *shows this picture* Me: uh never mind. Friend walks away Me: he’s still cute tho

omg me and bren can make the same faces we're so similar looks like we're best friends now haha funny how that works out

Brendon Urie<<it's his eternal sunshine reflecting off the window

BRENDON NOO <<<< he has become one of... "them". We must banish him from the kingdom! After all, he is the new cancer.

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is a sudden attack of exaggerated anxiety and fear.

( Things have changed) they should've used that reference instead of a Fall Out Boy reference

I think you meant to say, Things have changed for me, and thats ok, because thats a panic lyric and not a fob lyric

lol Brendon Who could ever really believe that he's Satan??

Yes Brendon and honestly me fucking too like people call me a demon/ Satan hahaha

Does nobody realize his glittery pants for concerts are basically the same thing? The sports bra is funny, though.

Brendon Urie in leggings >> I have seen of Tyler like this. They're all connected

Oh Ryan you liar<<<well he said hopefully so

Oh Ryan you liar<<<well he said hopefully so<<<Horton hears a bitch ass liar

How do people find these things

Oh Brendon>>> we know that you're awesome Brendon, but sweetie, I can drink 9 caprisuns in 5 minutes.