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Het is net een sprookje als de roze blaadjes van de kersenbloesem naar beneden dwarrelen. Plotseling lijkt het alsof we in een andere, magische wereld zijn beland.

The Cherry Blossom Bead is a textural Trollbead. It's a wonderful sight when all the blossoms show their pink petals. Then the world magically transforms.

Mountain Flower

Trollbeads: Mountain Flower Bead - A flower so small, delicate and fragile. And yet so strong and able to survive in even the harshest climate.

Another Custom 18K Gold Bead. Trollbeads Gallery - Starry Night Bead, Gold, $464.00 (https://www.trollbeadsgallery.com/starry-night-bead-gold/)

The Starry Night Trollbead was added to the line in the Autumn 2015 Collection in silver. Trollbeads Gallery had it custom made in gold, it is stunning.


Trollbeads: Crab Bead - Do you remember how it was to lie on the pier and fish for crabs with a net and get sunburnt and exhausted from the fresh sea-air and fun? Here is a little crab that might bring back some of those childhood memories.


The sterling silver Starfish is a great bead for your ocean themed Trollbeads bracelet. This remarkable cast Trollbead looks like a small sculpture.

Path of Life

Path of Life

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Trollbeads: Dala Horse Bead - The Dala horse originates from Dalarna, a beautiful forest and river region in Sweden. Today it is not only a symbol of Dalarna, but of all of Sweden.

Purple Rippling Bubbles

Purple Rippling Bubbles

De spiralen die overal in de natuur terugkeren, in flora en fauna, ook wel wervelingen genoemd, zijn altijd een grote inspiratiebron geweest voor kunstenaars. Ook vingerafdrukken bestaan uit spiralen… Archimedes bestudeerde spiralen in zijn onderzoek naar de kwadratuur van de cirkel.

Trollbeads: Silver Whorl Bead - Spirals are found in nature and the animal kingdom, and have always been a great inspiration to art. Fingerprints are spirals, too… Spirals were studied by Archimedes when he was attempting to square the circle.

Delfini Giocosi

Trollbeads Playing Dolphins Silver Bead 11170 - Charms from Joshua James UK

The magical creature from the sea. It lives all over the world and you find them in all colours. But be careful! It hurts to step on one!

Trollbeads: Silver Sea ​​Urchin Bead - The magical creature from the sea. But be careful! It hurts to step on one!

Mistletoe - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Mistletoe - Keep it close at hand and hold it over your loved one's head.

Geniet van de weelderige kersenbloesems. Ze vieren dat de lente in aantocht is.

Trollbeads: Wild Cherry Lock - Enjoy the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.


Trollbeads: Letter Bead, A - A for ADAM. From the Hebrew word for "earth" or "human being". According to the Bible, Adam was the first human being created by God.