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スター・ウォーズの世界と日本の伝統技術が融合したよ | roomie(ルーミー)


「星間大戦絵巻 阿弥陀羅姫 R弐D弐」 STARWARSの世界を本物の浮世絵に!~ルーカスフィルム公式ライセンス商品~ | クラウドファンディング - Makuake(マクアケ)

This Is 'Star Wars' as Reinterpreted by Japanese Woodblock Printing Artisans: Traditionally used to depict folk tales, landscapes, sumo wrestlers and kabuki actors of the time, the distinctive century Japanese art form of ukiyo-.

What is Arabic science fiction and who gets to write it?

What Is Arabic ‘Science Fiction,’ And Who Gets to Write It?

Miniature Style Movie Scenes - The Artwork Of Murat Palta Palta began to experiment with depicting classic Western films in a traditional oriental-style resulting in a ‘Ottoman Star Wars’ poster.

Star Wars As Medieval Art

Star Wars As Medieval Art of the Day

Darth Vader

Samurai Wars by KindaCreative ("We all know a certain movie franchise was inspired by samurai culture and design. I wanted to pay homage to this inspiration by portraying a poster in traditional Japanese style.


Darth Vader sips a special blend of his own creation, Uh oh, he forgot to bring the honey. Via Kyle Hagey



tom whalen

Version B - Retro Poster Illustration Design Storm Troopers by Tom Whalen