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Benders! I had purple and blue, used about twice and left for dead!

Yeah, I had these. loved them. I used to curl my hair constantly. And the perms too. Emma's mom used to perm half the school's hair.

1980s 1990s Elementary School Book Club Flyers. Scholastic, Troll, Weekly Reader

Troll School Book Club order form brings back memories! I remember when I had enough money saved from chores.I could buy books, maybe score a free poster, and felt like I was something spectacular :)

Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara

Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara- The higher the number the thicker your lashes will be

New kids on the block

New Kids on the Block. My first concert at age 10 (before they were NKOTB). I was a Jordan Knight girl.

I remember these!

Pull tabs from soft drink cans.I remember when sodas had these pull tabs. They were so sharp and dangerous!

Telephone, Kids, Style, Retro, Cord, Swag, Children, Electrical Cable, Phone

Old Tv Shows, 80 S

I had Wish I'd have saved some of them. Only have a couple big stuffed ones.

Dollangager series by V.C. Andrews, I loved this series when I was younger

revisiting a favorite pre-teen reading series from VC Andrews. More twisted than I remember.

Image detail for -1970's 'Myer' Dragster three speed gears, purple with purple ...

Lite Brite making things with light. Have a blast making things with Lite Brite. Except my brother and I would say Have a fight making things with Lite Brite!

I loved this cartoon Oh My so many forgotten memories Original MTV veejays.

are you there god? it's me, margaret. (the original 70s book cover)

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret ~ Judy Blume. Loved Judy Blume as a kid!