Fierce Jack design that utilizes the lack of color in most of the design. the subtle blue in the background makes the skull stand out.

Skeleton Playing Card Skateboard - I'm liking the blue and white against the black on this board. The design is pretty complex, too, with intricate details across the whole board.

☆ King Hurts Deck -::- By OG ABEL ☆ Creative Boys Club » we love skulls‎

Another skull-themed playing card skateboard design. This brings yet another very complex design all in grey-scale.


Patrick Seymour is an Illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. His field of expertise are in Digital art, Illustration and Character Design. He is making some awesome black and white illustrations only with simple lines.

Is not longboard deck.. by its still cool

Tom Penny Odyssey skateboard deck by Flip Graphic Series by Ivan Minsloff. Amazing Flip wood and shape.