Sir Michael Caine with his CBE - Professor Walfor Jurgas (?)

Sir Michael Caine with his CBE - Professor Walfor Jurgas (?

Here is young Michael Caine, ready to serve you like he does Bruce Wayne.

English actor Michael Caine circa 1965 A photoshoot for the 'Sunday Times'

Michael Caine as Alfie – Leather-Accented Raincoat

Michael Caine as Alfie – Leather-Accented Raincoat

Hollywood’s Greatest: Then and Now – Michael Caine -- Michael Caine wasn’t always “Michael Caine.” Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (that’s his real name…took me by surprise) was born March 14, 1933 to Ellen Frances Marie and Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. The family lived in Southwark, South London, but had to be evacuated during World War II to North Runction. When the war was over, he would end up living at the Elephant and Castle in Central London...

Sir Michael Caine (actor) was called up for national service in the British Army in 1951 when he was aged 18 and was deployed to South Korea to help in the aftermath of the North Korean invasion. He served as part of the Royal Fusiliers.

Newman. Leer es sexy (gracias @JotDownSpain)                                                                                                                                                     More

Best Dressed of All Time

Paul Newman photographed by Gene Lesser on the set of Cool Hand Luke, should see this movie."Shaking the bush boss,shaking the bush" Paul- you were cool.

Michael Caine.

Michael Caine.

“The entertainment business as it has been is not going to be around that much longer. The way it’s going is, there’s going to be artists, and they’ll make their s–t, and they’ll connect to their audience, and you don’t need any of the middlemen—the studios or the agents.” - Joseph Gordon Levitt

joseph gordon-levitt / GQ august 2012 Yes I will shamelessly buy this magazine for little reason other than jgl is gracing the cover. and maybe ill let collin read it haha

Michael Caine

Michael CAINE (b. [Filmsite] Active since 1953 > Born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite 14 Mar 1933 London, England > Nationality: British > Other: Author > Spouses: Patricia Haines div); Shakira Baksh (m.

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birdcagewalk: “ voxsart:The Rollneck and DB Crowd. Michael Caine visits his old neighborhood, ”