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uta no prince-sama: maji love 2000%

uta no prince-sama: maji love

✮ ANIME ART ✮ summer time. . .friends. . .taking a selfie. . .cellphone. . .water. . .ocean. . .lighthouse. . .sky. . .clouds. . .cute. . .ka

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up.

I love my weirdo! ^-^ Follow "Amanda Mace" on Pinterest

I would have never expect that the shy girl next to me was actually my future best friend (:<<<HAAAA that's how it happened with us, too! Only you're not exactly /shy/.

I'm not being mean but this is me and my friend when she gets taller but I'll still be a little bit taller than her xD but I love my friends never want to let them go no matter what even if I or they move they will still be with me ❤️ now I just made myself cry

These are best friends Akio and Kana. Akio is usually cheerful but protective of her friends. Kana is quite and shy. They are best friends, they have been together forever.

Glasslip || My thoughts on this anime are up on my blog. Read it here: http://www.animedecoy.com/2015/07/glasslip-review.html and tell me what you think! Dat selfie tho...

Glasslip Review

Inspiration for Blanque Weissenheart

Gift for my bff ; she chose the colors for this and they fit rly well together *^* I enjoyed coloring the eyes the most