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Maddie the coonhound

I call this one….’Maddie on a Rock’ 31 May 2014

Maddie On Things - cutest pics

Maddie On Things

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Maddie the coonhound

What a sweetie! ~~ I’ve eaten more lunches out of my truck with this pretty girl than I can count, never gets old.

I'm going to keep posting Maddie the Coonhound pics, because I just love her so much. These photographs! Breathtaking.

Maddie The Coonhound a fun side project of photographer Theron Humphrey as he travels across America shooting portraits and telling the stories of everyday people for his project, This Wild Idea. In between he takes pictures of his dog – Maddie Th.

.i am off to save the world!!

Maddie the Coonhound stands on random things, shows off her amazing balance [10 pictures]