Old Dog, Apsaroke, 1908

Old Dog - Apsaroke (The North American Indian, v. Cambridge, MA: The University Press, :: Featured Sets

Hunts to Die, Apsaroke, 1908 Looks like my Grandfather did.

Curtis's The North American Indian - volume 4 facing: page 10 Hunts To Die - Apsaroke


Playful Chief (aka Saucy Chief), an Osage man.


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This photo shows a Native American headdress. The headdress is a very important part of Native American culture. Each time the chief, warrior, or other important tribe member committed a brave act, a feather was added.

Pawnee man, Eagle Chief, 1900, wearing an Abraham Lincoln peace medal. - The Pawnee lived along outlying tributaries of the Missouri River: around Nebraska and northern Kansas. 1800's: the Pawnee were 10,000 strong and were one of the largest, powerful tribes on the Great Plains. 1859: Their numbers declined to about 1,400; by 1874 they were up to 2,000. Subject to encroachment by Lakota and Whites, most accepted life on a reservation in Indian Territory. Their antonym is "men of men".

Eagle Chief - Pawnee – 1900 Real Men Do wear earrings?

Red Horn Bull - Oglala – 1898

(Sioux - p.

Wolf - Crow - 1908 WOLF, Tsetufh Born I857. Mountain Crow; Not Mixed clan; Fox organization. His medicine of wolf was obtained by purchase. He has to his credit a dakAhe and a captured gun, both honors having been won at the same time, when he rushed into a protected hollow where were concealed two Yanktonai who had already killed three and wounded two of the attacking Apsaroke. Again, when six of a party of seven turned back without finding the enemy, Wolf alone went forward and captured a…

Wolf (Tsetush) (c. ) with his war paint - Apsaroke (Crow) - Photo by Edward S. Curtis - 1908 - (Original) - "Born in Wolf (Tsetush) was a member of the Not Mixed clan of the Mountain Crow.

Forked Iron - Crow - 1908

:::::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::::: Forked Iron ~ 1908 portrait of Native American Indian Crow Brave.

Medicine Crow - Absarokee - Montana what a great face! so strong and knowledgeable