As my theme is Native American I have decided the best type of museum to sell my item would be The Natural History Museum.

Incredible museums that awe you - Incredible Diary by Dr Prem - A rare collection of incredible, awesome and unbelievable facts

Natural History Museum - London

Natural History Museum - London

John Clare Heritage Centre

John Clare Heritage Centre

Twenty museums. One lifetime. You can do it! From the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the British Museum in London, visit our picks for the world's best museums.

Top 20 Must-See Museums Around the World :

Cathedrale de Strasbourg, France

Roman Catholic cathedral in Strasbourg, Alsace, France. Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg. It was the world's tallest building from 1647 to And construction took 4 centuries, it started from 1015 to 1439

Large vertebrate store at the Natural History Museum, London

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“Still on moving roller racks, some specimens in the large vertebrate store are on more open shelving