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Straight up! I know my haters & fakers a mile a way but choose to play dumb & kill em with kindness. Mostly just feel sorry for a fool that cheats themselves out of someone authentic & honest.


Aquarius (May not pull any punches being honest and open, but still have troubles having this kind of conversation face-to-face.well, it depends on the person too.

I've actually thought about this a lot...

As an Aquarius you can be quite difficult to get to close to because although you'll offer yourself to others, everything has to be in a way that's for you. You are a great person overall, but nonetheless a bottle with a tight lid on it.

Zodiac Aquarius Facts.

Actions speak louder than words, if you shout your words you better deafen me with your actions

It makes more sense to give an Aquarius what they want than to resist and piss them off..

for me, it depends. mostly on what it is and how bad I want it. and I don't usually get pissed off, I just feel incredibly disappointed/let down.