Pine cone.

Every fall, we love to walk through the woods and collect pinecone wall art. This particular piece features a single pinecone against a white background. Part of our exclusively curated collection of wall art from the Jealous Curator.

Pine Cone Garland with Cinnamon Sticks- I want to make this!

Pine Cone Garland (6 or 12 foot) with Cinnamon Sticks


Holidays are for the birds! White, Silver, Copper and Gold Pinecone Birds, Set of 4 Gentry Costephens Plus World Market

Sugar Pine Cone (Pinus lambertiana)

Sugar Pine cones are the world's longest cones, sometimes growing up to long. The trees were named from their sweet sap and can be up to 280 feet in height! Sugar Pine cones are light brown on the tips, with a darker brown towards the cone's center.

pine scales votive by suse

How to Make Pine Cone Votives this would be reat for my niece ans nephew they love collecting pinecones!

Iron Pine Cone Stocking Hanger

This rustic pine cone stocking holder goes well with your cabin themed decor. If you need more than one stocking holder for your mantle this stocking holder matches the moose and bear with tree stocking holders!

Vasinhos natalinos para enfeitar a casa!

Little terracotta plant pots each with a pine cone for simple Christmas decoration. Vicky's Home: Ideas para decorar con piñas/ Ideas for decorating with pinecones

Garnet Pine Cone Necklace with Real Pine Cone

Garnet Pine Cone Necklace with Real Pine Cone

This pine cone necklace features a pendant made with a real pine cone coated with a shimmery garnet colored lacquer. Small rounds of garnet and a tiny copper leaf charm adorn the top of the pendant.

Cute Christmas wall decor with Christmas bulbs

Vintage ornament tree on a refurbished screen door. I love the idea of putting a frame up and changing the contents based on the holiday/season

Paint Dipped Pine Cones

(20 crafty days of christmas) paint dipped pine cones