Saudi 747-400 contrail

Head on shot of this Saudi over Iran. She's 1000 feet below at 36000 feet heading westbound.

Cathay Pacific's A330 at FL400 & Asiana's A321 at FL340 going to same destination HK.

Asiana Airlines Airbus at and a Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus at both en route to Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok, March (Photo: Bailebao)

Flight Deck of VH-VZA (Named: Port Augusta), while docked at Gate 25 at the Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal. Photo taken after a 1.4 hour flight from Canberra on 29Dec2011 as QF952. Thanks to the Aircraft Captain for the photo opportunity. - Photo taken at Brisbane (- Eagle Farm) (BNE / YBBN) in Queensland, Australia on December 29, 2011.

Periodically amazed that planes aren't always crashing.//"Boeing Consider the steep learning curve for this machine. You can see how one could be easily overwhelmed.

Airbus A340-642

Airbus A340-642

Je pense que vol plané, ce sera formidable! Quand je peux, je vais faire ça dans la futur.

Gliding I know it's not the Mynd, but few gliding photos

SKY HIGH | The view over the wing from the plane window is what I love most about flying! | For more travel inspiration visit

Aircraft Wings View Photography - wing of and Airbus - note the wingtip fences…


British Airways is the flag carrier airline of the UK and its largest airline based on international flights and destinations. A British Airways Board was established by the United Kingdom governme…