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Tutorial: Shark Week Nail Art - College Fashion

Tutorial: Shark Week Nail Art

The ultimate Shark Week nail art tutorial. Learn how to do Shark Week nails here! Features: Shark fin, tail, teeth, and water waves.

Great White Shark Set #1 - WaterSlide Nail Art Decals

Stay out of the water but not out of the Moon Sugar site. Buy a set and celebrate Shark Week! Multiple design and sizes included on x sheet.

Shark week nails

10 Nail Art Designs That Will Make Your Shark Week Loving the glow-in-the-dark

Katy Perry's Halftime Sharks Nail Art by @chalkboardnails

We All Know the Sharks In Katy Perry's Halftime Show Were the Real Super Bowl MVPs

chalkboardnails:Katy Perry’s Halftime Sharks Were the Real MVPs

Pre-Shark Week Manicures: What We've Been Waiting For : Lucky Magazine

Next years shark week! Laura's mani is very creative too—Jaws on one nail, a few shark fins and some sharp teeth adds a nice finishing touch.

shark week nails. Maybe this is easier than it looks...

Shark Week Nail Designs: 10 Manicures to Help Celebrate

It's Shark week! Im actually not a fan of shark week, sharks are cool but i don't like to watch them eat cute little seals.


I freakin love Shark Week! So of course, I had to find time to do some shark nails! I find painting the ocean difficult, so this is my best attempt! This was inspired by an ariel view of the ocean with the shadow of a shark. How many of you love Shark We