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Perfect tube...

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It has always been one of my dreams to learn how to surf..  *sigh*  :-)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My dream has always been to learn how to surf. Did i accomplish my dream? Of course i did i never gave up whoever does give up there dream is stupid unsmart if they never lived there dream they havent opened there eyes to whats real

বায়ু  هواء খ   空氣  αέρας  רוּחַ  हवाई  воздушный  นิวเมติก  khí nén  פּנעוומאַטיש

"A wave does not have a reality of it's own; it has it's essence in water.] become familiar with the self as a person free from roles.

Yes, yes I would

I'd rather be surfing! No I would rather be watching my boys surfing. Every single day!

Let's go to the sea

And so our Trip begins. Palm trees, salt water, vw bus, travel and summer, what do you want more?

Vintage surf

The return of Dane Peterson to Byron Bay. As close as it gets to walking on water