Watercolor Painting Original Bluebird Bird Painting by WoodPigeon, $25.00

Original watercolor painting of a little bluebird. Lovely shades of blue and orange with delicate white ink details create a happy little bird. Title: Bluebird Study # 12 Medium: watercolor and ink on paper Size: Signed Original by Kristina Closs

Don't let anyone steal your joy today.

dragonfly watercolor Awesome detail and complimentary colors in the wings. Subtle background and distinct yet uncomplicated foliage brings this painting together

Colourful Butterflieswatercolour painting by www.fiona-clarke.com

An abstract combination of 3 different butterflies with a simplistic watercolour dripping effect. I have used some white and black ink to finish them off. This was quite a small piece so I tried to get as much colour and detail as I could.

Resultado de imagen para slaveika aladjova artist

Resultado de imagen para slaveika aladjova artist

Hermosas mariposas

Fine art butterfly photography print of a three blue butterflies, by Allison Trentelman.