Skull and Bones Sugar Cubes

Does your morning coffee sometimes taste like death warmed over? Is that last cup of coffee in the pot at the office ominous? You can make that coffee sinister by adding these amazing skull and cross bones sugar cubes to your cup.

Jean Rousseau #Skull pocket watch from the 17th century. So for all you #Goth hipsters who think you discovered the skull in aesthetics for fashion, jewelry and other accoutrements, you're only 400 years late in your style choices!

Jean Rousseau skull watch from century. This amazing watch was made ​​of silver and brass in Genève, Switzerland. You can find it at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Cool 3D Printer Creations - 3Dia de los Muertos @dcdebbie

Cool 3D Printer Creations

Printed Skull Sculpture Crania Anatomica Filigre mini by shhark on Etsy


Life Size Mosaic Skull "Hermosa Muerto" at Anitasmosaics on Etsy - You can recreate this from the skulls at Spirit Halloween stores.

pomme d'ambre

Silver Skull Vinaigrette Europe Hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed via tiny holes. -memento mori- a reminder of death & carried at all times.

Skull lamp

Skeleton Lamps - I am developing a serious love for things that are a little morbid, which explains the appeal of the skull light;

This is beyond awesome.

Creepy Couture Clutches - Skulls are an ultra-chic fashion statement and Brian Griffin has made an incredibly authentic one into a leather purse. The skull leather art purse.

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Crochet Skull Doily

skull crochet idea - just incredibly awesome concept (pic is a cut paper skull)

череп керосиновая лампа на heinie

step one: get that skull vodka that dan akroyd markets. step two: drink it (over time), step three: bust a wine glass and super glue the bottom to the empty skull bottle. step four: get the candlewick and oil together and assemble.

Hobo nickels: although the history of carving miniature bas relief sculptures into coins stretches back to the 18th century if not earlier, ...

*mcwinkel-hobo nickel carving Artists etched away the flesh of the subject to reveal these awesomely macabre skulls. Hobo nickel carving remains a popular hobby today and it even has a society.

Des cranes sur des coquilles d’huitres

Des cranes sur des coquilles d'huitres

*grabby hands* Mother of Pearl Shell Skull Carvings by Gregory Halili skulls shells bas relief anatomy