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My life is a struggle of constantly wanting to go out and have fun with people and also simultaneously trying to avoid all human contact.

Amen :)

" I am not quiet, at all, or shy. I just don't feel i have anything substantive to contribute at this time so I'm abstaining from polluting the environment with pointless noise eminating from my mouth. I wish everyone would do the same.

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, words will also hurt me. Compliments make me unfomfortable, I have social anxiety, I'm a wreck.

Don't touch it!

Hide Under The Table!

I have a mini panic attack when my phone rings past the first text chime.

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Someone told me today "you've gotten meaner!" And I was like "meanER?

LOL I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! LMAO f*cking crazy!!!

Oh my God! I think I'm becoming the Man I wanted to marry! = You have just swallowed the red pill