20 Reasons Why Friends and Significant Others Who Run Are The Worst — Run, Selfie, Repeat

20 Reasons Why Friends and Significant Others Who Run Are The Worst

No one hates the fact that I run more than my poor friends who I neglect for weeks and weeks while I train for marathons. SO let's poke fun at ourselves! Here are 20 reasons why friends and significant others who run are the worst.

Ah HA! Never thought about it like that before...

Running Humor The runner who finishes last is the one who gets the most value out of their entry fee.

Every single time.

Things only runners understand… Runners’ favourite number is More: Things only runners understand… Plus: Essential running tips

Why we love to run. Deep down what the run really means to us.

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run with your heart instead of your mind. when you think with your mind, you think of the things you can and can't do. but when you run with your heart you forget about what you can't do, and you just go out and do it. run.

Food Pyramids for Runners: What our friends think we eat, what we "should" eat, and what we actually eat. The three aren't the same.

Food Pyramids for Runners

Food Pyramid for Runners from Runner's World Magazine - Got to love the Donut to Miles ratio!

Before I began running...

Running Matters Before I began running, the idea that I'd ever go a mile seemed impossible. And of course it was, until I ran a mile.

How does running help you stay in control?

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