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Eric Gjerde A Voronoi tessellation, folded from random points. Generated with pen drops to create the initial state.

Tel Aviv based artist/fabric designer Mika Barr

Fabric that folds itself! Tel Aviv based artist/fabric designer Mika Barr calls this beautiful, organic-looking series folding A-part.

3D Felt facets Love the dynamic triangles and pops of color.  As well as the yellow/grey color scheme

Felt facets, love the look of this. Maybe we could create a room divider or sculptural wall texture unit that have little shelves or storage cavities built in.

Billedresultat for paper folding

Serie of 4 pieces, working only with light and shadow. This work was created in an attempt to make a poster with an image without printing. Made by manually folding a paper of standard poster format x 85 cm), a composition is created of light and shad…

Blue Tropici - Silk - Tessuti Fabrics

Blue Tropici

Blue Tropici - Silk - Tessuti Fabrics

triaxial structure?  other examples I've seen (via Nora Rogers) have two diagonals plus weft. This has the two diagonals plus weft AND warp!

This detail of a leather and satin bag by Marni, shows how weaving can be made to feel contemporary using new fabrics.