"The Duchess of Dallas?" Maybe, but this is really about as far away from a "Say Cheese" photograph as I've ever seen. I think there's a fine intellect behind that knowing smile. It would be pretty tough trying to impress this woman.

The Duchess of Dallas: 1920 Washington, D., circa "Miss Inez Thomas of Dallas, Texas." Who represented her city as the Duchess of Dallas at the 1916 San Antonio Fiesta.

the importance of being earnest

I like this costume for Cecily, the blue and white tones work well and coneys her innocence. However I think the style of the dress is too heavy for an afternoon dress.

Would it be possible to fit your food shopping into this fridge from the 1920's?

Woman In Apron Silk Party Dress High Heels Taking Dish From Kitchen Refrigerator [ice box? Cushing Date Photographed: 1925