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English Painter, about 1600

Portrait of a Woman British Painter (ca. 1600 Medium: Oil on wood Dimensions: 44 x 34 in. x cm) Classification: Paintings Credit Line: Gift of J.

Портрет королевы Елизаветы английской

Fashion - Ruffs Galore, traditional & modified, attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts or his school. Marcus Gheeraerts the younger (Flemish artist, Queen Elizabeth I. Note fan is in left hand.

Portrait, probably Daughter of the Countess of Nottingham

Portrait of a lady, traditionally identified as Catherine, Countess of Nottingham, but more probably one of the Countess of Nottingham's dau.

Robert Peake the Elder (1551-1619)-  Портрет Дамы,ранее назывался Елизаветы I в Англии,теперь считается Кэтрин Кэри,жены Чарльза Говарда,1-го графа Ноттингема, одетая в богато вышитый лиф и юбку.1597.Пик рисовал в группе с еще тремя художниками-Джоном де Критцем,Маркусом Гирартом-младшим и Исааком Оливером в период между 1590 и 1625г-ми.Они специализир.на картинах с яркой окраской,что было редкостью для того времени.Не всегда возможно различить авторство,

1597 Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham by Robert Peake the Elder (Weiss Gallery - London UK)

unknown sitter, c.1595, unknown artist.

circa 1590 - 1595 English School - An Unknown Lady, aged 21 * 1500 free paper dolls for girls at Arielle Gabriel's International Paper Doll Society and travel stories for women at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *


Author: William Larkin Description: English: Traditionally called Dorothy Cary, later Viscountess Rochford, c. "The Surface of Reality", FMR No. April Date between circa 1614 and circa 1618 Current location Kenwood House Suffolk Collection

"Portrait of a Lady, probably Elizabeth Southwell née Howard," circa 1600

An Appetite for Fashion Decadence: A Brief History of Stomachers

A couple of years out, but those bejewelled flowers and zigzag pleats on the sleeve are amazing. ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1600 Elizabeth Howard, Lady Southwell - Oil on canvas: 79 ½ x 47 ¾ in.

Portrait of Elizabeth Brydges (detail) by Hieronimo Custodis, 1589

Portrait of Elizabeth Brydges (detail), showing blackwork on cuffs and at the square neckline of her smock, by Hieronimo Custodis, from Tudor and Elizabethan Portraits. I love the Tudor stories