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Credit: Kate Simon Madonna on the roof of Kate Simon's studio on West Street, New York, 1983

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Madonna gets scandalous at the 1984 MTV Video Awards with her performance of "Like a Virgin.

These Photos of Madonna in Her Prime Are Unreal (Buzzfeed)

These Photos Of Madonna In Her Prime Are Unreal

Photos of young Madonna by the photographer Richard Corman. Photos of young Madonna by the photographer Richard Corman.

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Madonna – celebrating the style of the most influential woman on the planet………….

Madonna gave so much good hair in the '80s, but our favorite was her slightly punk teased chignon finished off with a thick piece of fabric tied into a loose bow. Those "Lucky Star"/"Borderline" days delivered all the sexy texture we craved as teenagers with a new badass way to wear the bows we still had around from childhood.

13 Hairstyles You Totally Wore in the '80s

Madonna  1980's

Love Madonna thru and an adolescent I loved Madonna! yes I was the "sunflower" child.

This is a picture of Madonna. Madonna shot to fame in the early 1983. Her looks symbolized controlled sexuality. He looks also challenged cliches of the time period.

Madonna: 1985 - Madonna through her 53 years

Picture: Madonna in 'Desperately Seeking Susan.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Madonna featuring 26 pictures.

Vintage Madonna circa 1985, I was in the 7th grade!

Clackers, Stylophones and Wanting to Look Like Madonna

Madonna was a style icon through out the and somewhat today. Her style included a sexual messy chic look with poodle hair.

Madonna's Most Iconic Looks Ever - 1990 from #InStyle  "Madonna doesn't take on trends, she creates them" - hairstlyist Andy LeCompte  Madonnas collaboration with French courturier Jean Paul Gaultier has resulted in many iconic looks throughout the years. The famous cone bra look put both Madonna and Gaultier on the map. It is an example of how one look can catapult your popularity as an artist.

Madonna's Most Iconic Looks Ever