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Aries:  by Johfra Bosschart

Aries - Barren/dry, good for harvesting, destroy pests & weeds, turn soil, no transplanting

Aries Zodiac Sign Artwork, Artist: Johfra Bosschart | #aries #zodiac #astrology

The Zodiac Signs by Johfra Bosschart – Esoteric Online


THE KEY PHRASE for Aries is "I am" and it governs the number Aries Sun Sign March April (approx dates). Aries as a sign is all about 'me', pure and simple. Aries corresponds to the head of the body and you go through life head first.

love the art deco

Aries - Leader and self centered (Illustration Horoscope for Indonesia printer

ZODIAC: Thaurus by Miss-Belfry on deviantART

Thaurus - the Bull The calm, nature-loving sign associated with music and fertility. [Aries] [Gemini] [Cancer] [Leo] [Virgo] [Libra] [Scorpio] [Sagittarius] [Capricorn] [Aquarius] [Pisces] Someone .


I’m an Aries girl. xo hoodoothatvoodoo: “ The Aries Girl Aries Horoscope by Elizabeth Secret Hearts (April ”