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ArtStation - So many tons of democracy waiting to get delivered, _ DOFRESH _

So many tons of democracy waiting to get delivered by Ronan LE FUR / Sci-Fi

WarBoys Crew by StTheo on DeviantArt

This is more of the mini project "Pirates" looking at another group some ideas to the pilots/ crew cheers WarBoys Crew

Robot Illustration, Character Illustration, Robot Design, Spaceship Design, Tech Art, Gundam, Si Fi, Pacific Rim, Toasters

[Sci-Fi] - [digitalart/paintings/scifi] - NPC 41 concept - by: Talros

A look at different groups within the 05 universe. Always built this universe with different corporations,PMC, mercenary groups, warbands, bounty hunters big and small fighting it out looking for e...

Unification era techno-barbarian, with noospherically-linked war hound and. dare I say it. a wetware-nuked Man of Iron? The thought of a revenant of the Dark Age of Technology still walking the wastes of Terra during Unity is awesome.

Artist: Daryl Mandryk - roguetelemetry: (via ArtStation - Recon squad, Daryl…

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The War. Renowned planet killer and artist: Adam Burn - Armada Wars - Steal from the Devil