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Brother and Sister tattoo ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring accessories and body art

Scheduled for me and my big brother Scott on June

expecto petronum

"The Patronus is a kind of positive force, a projection of the very things that the dementors feeds upon - hope, happiness, the desire to survive.

can vegas come sooner...  my husben always sings thins song to me  this is perfect

Johnny and June tattoo

Image result for heartbeat tattoo with three hearts in it

each heart represents a kid and the heart beat in between to represent the reason to live

Take the plunge and get inked with your loved one. Matching newlywed tattoos are a cute and meaningful way to showcase your love!

16 Newlywed tattoos to mark your big day - Be Asia: fashion, beauty, lifestyle & celebrity news

New tattoo! "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"

getting this song, just don't know where to place it!

Tattoo with kids names involved... check!

Infinity Tattoo with kids names involved.

best friend tattoos in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" font. LOVE!!!

Top 74 Couple Tattoos for Love Birds

best friend tattoos in The Nightmare Before Christmas font. AND my favorite band! Great for a best friend tat :) or mother/father/daughter/son whatever combo! :) I really love this font.

"You are my sunshine" tattoo - hip

twenty one pilot tattoo

twenty one pilots tattoo yess

Brother and sister writing tattoo I really want to do something like this with my little brother for brother/sister tattoos

"Brother and sister" Written Tattoo - Emerald Rain Tattoo Shop - the best Tattoo Studio in Johannesburg

2226e9ea082773bcf504fdb4dbe52146.jpg 720×960 pixels

do the birds bigger to smaller and in birthstone colors.

If I didn't already have my kids tattooed on me, I would have done it this way with their signature!  Too cute!

My Kids Signatures tattoo This is my 3 boys signatures on my rib cage. Rate of pictures of tattoos, submit your own tattoo picture or just rate others

lovely brother sister love tattoo

My brother and I's tattoos before he deploys. The infinity symbols with sister and brother in them

Les Miserables quote meaning "To love another person is to see the face of God"

Les Miserables quote meaning "To love another person is to see the face of God"