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In quest’ultimo secolo, si è assistito a uno spettacolare aumento dell’aspettativa di vita. Alla fine dell’Ottocento era di circa 46 anni; oggi è di 80 anni per i maschi e 85 per …


If you are an activity director or volunteer for activities in a nursing home, assisted living facility or any other care facility for seniors, than you know you need good and varied ideas for activities to do with the elderly. Because the elderly.

FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!  Post-it notes from a stay at home dad:   “Woke up at 3 am to find kid crying and covered in vomit.  Had to clean him, clothes and bed.  And they said I wouldn’t learn anything being in a fraternity.”

Funny pictures about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Oh, and cool pics about Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Also, Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad.

Preworkout kicked in!!!

When Dad gets Bored. When dad gets bored, no one is spared! Although we do adore those googly eyes!

reminds me of when my mom tried to cut my bangs right before the Christmas music program. The rest of my hair was shoulder length. My bangs were about an inch long and nothing could disguise that.

The best of 'brian bad luck'

Checks himself. still wrecks himself. I can't not laugh when I see Bad Luck Brian.

I am in f-ing tears! HAHAHAHA!

Helen Keller and her beloved cat, “Mittens”. My sense of humor is why I'm going to hell.if I believed in hell that is


Funny pictures about Gordon Ramsay's Omelette. Oh, and cool pics about Gordon Ramsay's Omelette. Also, Gordon Ramsay's Omelette photos.

Stuart (from Mad TV) Bloopers  I laughed so hard I cried

Stuart (from Mad TV) Bloopers I laughed so hard I cried.Stuart was the ONLY good thing about Mad TV