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Free Candle Recipes.  Learn how to make your own candles.  #candlerecipe

Candle Recipes are free at Natures Garden. Free recipes include making pillar candles, making wax melts, soy candle recipes, and free candle recipes for kids.

Soy Candle Tutorial and free printables

Soy Candle Tutorial and Free Printables

This Soy candle tutorial comes with free printable labels. The jars are rustic and practical. These simple labels give them a wholesome homemade feel. Perfect for gifts or wedding favors.

INSPIRATION - we would love to create candles like this! They would look gorgeous with Rose Gold Metallic dots and glamour dust!

Life with Fingerprints: Use glue dots and add glitter to Ikea candles, spray paint Ikea candle holders. What about this for accent lighting; instead black pillar candles with gold glitter?

Картины из кофейных зерен своими руками шаблоны. Варианты использования кофе для декора

Картины из кофейных зерен своими руками шаблоны. Варианты использования кофе для декора

DIY Candle Making Tutorial   Definitely using this for a lot of future gifts!

DIY Candle Making Tutorial

Chunk top candles by Carole's Candles. They look like they're made out of crystals!

Chunk top candles - think she adds wax chunks after pouring, before cooling all the way?

(Aroma Candles) - 10 Unique Best Candle Designs That Will Light Your Heart On Fire [http://theendearingdesigner.com/10-cool-creative-candle-designs-will-light-heart-fire/] #candles

10 Of The Most Creative Candle Designs Ever

Use all your leftover candles to make this candle votive. Instructions help you make the round votive and also add the wick inside. Easy trick to use every last bit of your candle.

Turn an Old Candle Into a New One for Next to Nothing

Use leftover candles to make wax luminaries for your Candle Impressions flameless tea lights and votives. Since they're LED, they won't melt down the thin walls of the luminaries!

Vanilla Honey Cream  Pillar Candle 2x3  by WhiteMagickAlchemy, $11.95

*Vanilla Honey Cream Pillar Candle for Flourishing Abundance, Renewal, Fertility, Purity and Illumination