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50 Milestone Birthday Ideas for 30th 40th 50th 60th and Beyond!

Autograph frame is one of the many 80th birthday party suggestions found at one-stop-party-ideas.com.

Guests "Share your love" for any type of party. Leave a wide border around a favorite picture for guest signatures or notes. If using a framing mat, be sure it has a smooth surface & is not textured.

Dad's 60 th bday

you can have ppl bring photos of your dad or have them email/mail some copies to you before hand. And they can hang em on something like this.

60th Birthday Party { 60 Memories }

Dad's 60th Birthday Party { 60 Memories

Birthday Party { 60 Memories } gathered for the birthday person. Could we get 80 memories together for Mom's birthday?

Linda's Fabulous 60th Birthday | CatchMyParty.com

Birthday Party Ideas

bunting in black, white, silver and gold stretches across the base. Pretty floral displays add a welcome pop of color to this classic color theme.